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Fire-engineering training on NPZ «KINEF» («Кинеф»)

In April 2010 the company “Pozchengineering” held fire-engineering training and complex testing of the automatic fire extinguishing system combined vertical steel cylindrical tanks for storage of crude oil RVSP-50000 Park 910-27 (№ № 392, and 393) Shop № 3 LLC "KINEF "(«Кинеф»). During training the imitation of emergency situations, which were connected with oil overflow. The main issue of complex testing was the appraisal of technological parameters of system operation of fire extinguishment, quality of getting low expansion factor foam from working foam solution. According to the results, the evaluation of technological parameters of working system was held with using its mobile fire-fighting equipment. The real boundary condition was defined on pressure/ throughflow variable when using several aggregate and metering system of frothing for determining distance of foarm to protective object in diffetent condition.
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