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International exhibition «Neftegaz 2010» («Нефтегаз 2010»)

In June 2010 the company “Pozchengineering” took part in the international exhibition “Neftegaz 2010”, which was held in the Exhibition center in Moscow. The demonstration of technical achievements and innovation track records in fire safety of hazardous objects and automated control system for the fire protection system based on industrial controllers and workstations were demonstrated on the stand.

During the exhibition the company arranged and held roundtable discussion with professionals. While this meeting, the members discussed areas of concern of rating, experience of implementation and penetration of high technology in fire safety. As a result main direction of complex fire safety in oil refinery were set out in terms of "RN Tuapse Refinery"(«РН Туапсинский НПЗ» ) (chief designer, LLC "Lengiproneftekhim").

During discussion the members concurred that the development of technical solutions for the design of fire protection systems should be used comprehensive programs of providing fire protection for oil and gas industry, based on the analysis of fire hazard process industries, the risk estimates and cost-effectiveness of fire prevention.

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