Council chairman of company group
Guselnikov Alexander



Brief overview about the company

The basis of the company is a qualified collective, which has been starting burgeoning since 1999. Currently there is a stuff of experts who is responsible for all sectors of fire safety. All experts have degree or basic professional education. Moreover leaders of major trends have Doctor of Science degree, who have practical experience gained during working in the leading companies and practical departments of fire safety. 

The major area of work is provision of professional services in developing, designing, risk calculation, modeling and also other activities, including follow-on developed solutions in coordination and implementation of fire and industrial safety for fire, technically complex and unique objects of capital construction, mainly fuel and power complex.

Historical background

The company “Pozchengeneering” was set up in March 2008 on the base of other companies, which are focused on fire safety engineering as OC "St. Petersburg Innovation Center Fire and Social Protection"( ОУ "Санкт-Петербургский инновационный центр пожарной безопасности и социальной защиты населения"), LLC "PozhInzhenerServis" ("ПожИнженерСервис") and LLC "Nika-center"( ООО "Ника-центр"). The main object of the company was delivery fire safety engendering services in technically demanding, fire hazardous and unique objects during design, construction and operation.

Until 2011 the specialization was: implementation of engineering solutions; performing special calculations; developing planning and engineering documentation; assisting in the deliver of equipment and materials, construction, installation and commissioning; also carrying out service of fire protection systems, complex tests and exercises, mainly in the oil refinery facilities.

Since 2008 to 2010 the shifting to the new system of regulation in fire safety was being carried out within the realization of technical adjustment in Russian Federation. Since May 2008 FZ-123 (ФЗ-123) the law has become, then gradually the new digest and other regulations, spelling out the area of fire safety, have been carrying out. In July 2009 FZ – 384 (ФЗ 384) became the law “Technical regulations about building and construction safety”.

Inferiority of regulatory structure and forced difficulties in shifting to new system have cased on the designing process and constructing new buildings, moreover it has led problems on the objects of high fire hazard as new oil refineries. On this stage the base of “Pozchengennering” (“Пожинжиниринг”) is a qualified and creative team. Getting an idea of physical contents of processes and approaches of supplying fire safety allows implementation of complicated and even unconventional technical ideas for coverage to ensure the optimal level of fire safety for the designed object, to participate in the process of harmonization on expert advice to DND Russian Emergencies Ministry, scientific conferenceswhich were held by EMERCOM of Russia (ВНИИПО МЧС России) and other organizations, as well as in the protection of the design decisions in the FAA "Glavgosexpertiza Russia" (ФАУ “Главгосэкспертиза”). A considerable experience, which team has received with designing and realization technical answer of fire hazardous decision on Tuapse and Kirishi Refinery (Туапсинском и Киришском НПЗ), allowed to advance effectively the qualification of the team in all areas. This enabled the complex acquittal of targets of fire safety and related areas in respect of industrial and environmental safety.

Since 2010 the area of priority has been obtaining the overseas work experience. The team took part in training in American company Williams Fire & Hazard Control – the world leader in extinguishing oil fires. Since 2011 the mutual co-operation with fire-fighting company Pyroservis ( Prague, Czech Republic). In the second half of 2011, with the aim of reaching a new level of quality and professionalism, company Pozhinzhiniring was reorganised and was named "Scientific and Technical Center" Pozhinzhiniring "Ltd (" SEC "Pozhinzhiniring").


  • futher professional development and Ph.D. degree of two specialists, advancing of the employees in respect of industrial and environmental safety;
  • implementation of new work associated with active design and construction of new facilities of JSC "NK" Rosneft "(ОАО «НК «Роснефть»), and also reconstruction and new construction of several process units at OAO" Surgutneftegaz "( ОАО Сургутнефтегаз);
  • bringing to the Russian norms and further support the implementation of the project complex multifunctional buildings "Rostelecom"( ОАО "Ростелеком" ) in the Moscow region of the Czech project CIGLER MARANI Arcitects; penetration of management system and the additional gaining of Admission SRO;
  • creation of the holding (group of companies) to expand the activities of the innovation and implementation, working with foreign companies for the implementation of designing projects in Russia